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Collection: Oxygen and Diagnostic Equipment


  • Oxygen concentrators are to be used if oxygen concentration levels are below 94% (spO2)**, that is, for mild and moderate patients only.
  • Do not attempt to treat yourself with oxygen without medical supervision. Concentrators are not a substitute for medical attention. They are useful when the doctor advises you to use them or you have mild/moderate infection and may not need hospital admission. You will still need to have remote medical supervision even when you are at home.
  • Keep all the windows and doors open while using the oxygen concentrator. An oxygen concentrator doesn’t have reserve oxygen, it extracts air from the room and discharges oxygen. So, air in the room needs to be renewed, even more than during normal usage.
  • Continuous monitoring of SpO2 levels, that is oxygen concentration levels, of COVID patients is important in successful management via Oxygen Concentrator. Seek medical attention if saturations drop or if any concerns arise.
  • Always seek medical advice for any questions you may have and before pursuing any form of medical treatment, including Oxygen Concentrators. The facts and recommendations provided by this article are only information about Oxygen Concentrators, as stated in the Disclaimer below. They apply to adults only. Please follow State regulations and guidelines.
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